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Rufus - the bear with type 1 diabetes

Rufus - the bear with type 1 diabetes


The perfect present for a child with type 1 - Rufus the bear!
Rufus also has type 1. He has patches on his arms, legs, tummy and bottom to show small children where they can inject insulin and take their blood tests and to help them practice. Most of all, Rufus shows them he’s just like them and they’re not alone!
Dimensions (approx): 32cm x 15cm x 11cm when lying flat, 25.5cm x 15cm x 17cm when sitting up.
We are proud to announce that our new Rufus bears are eco-friendly. We have been working hard with our supplier to ensure his green credentials:

  • Rufus is now made from 100% RPET (recycled) materials*
  • Each new Rufus is made from approximately 16 plastic bottles – wow!
  • His tag is made from FSC certified card as are the export cartons that the bears are shipped in
  • The clear bags that each Rufus is packed into is made from LDPE which is both made from recycled materials & recyclable
* RPET is produced by melting down existing plastic bottles & post-consumer waste and making it into new polyester fibre. This process enables the plastic to be reused (recycled) and uses 59% less energy to produce than virgin polyester.

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