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Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind


Buy the JDRF Peace of Mind gift for a friend or loved one and advance this life-changing technology to help bring peace of mind to parents of children with type 1.

If you are a parent of a child with type 1 the worry never stops, even when your child is safely tucked up in bed. The fear of dangerous night-time hypoglycaemia means many parents wake in the middle of the night to test their child’s blood glucose.

The ground-breaking artificial pancreas being developed at JDRF is a smart device that automatically checks glucose levels and delivers the correct dose of insulin to lower the risk of night time hypos and keep children safe. 

Through this gift, a donation of £50 has been made to JDRF that will help us to complete this pioneering project as well as other important research, to offer peace of mind to parents of children with type 1. 

How does it work?
Select and order your gift. We will send you a ‘Peace of Mind’ pack containing a card with a brief description of the gift and an envelope. You can then personalise and send your gift to your friend or loved one.

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