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'Power the next big breakthrough' virtual gift

'Power the next big breakthrough' virtual gift


Buy the ‘Power the next big breakthrough’ gift for a friend or loved one and help to support ground-breaking research into new type 1 treatments.

In 2020, thanks to gifts like this, the world’s first licensed, downloadable artificial pancreas app was released. The technology will transform life for thousands of people – including young children - by making type 1 easier to manage. Your gift will help to fund more critical research into new treatments.

How does it work?

Select and order your gift. We will send you a ‘Power the next big breakthrough’ pack containing a card with a brief description of the gift and an envelope. You can then personalise and send your gift to your friend or loved one.

Sarah’s story

Sarah and her husband

Sarah has lived with type 1 for over 40 years and has benefited from advances in type 1 treatments. “Thinking about the advances provides me with a constant light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a powerful feeling.”

Thank you for helping type 1 research move forward faster. Together we can power the next big breakthrough.

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