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'Give a child a Rufus' virtual gift

'Give a child a Rufus' virtual gift


Buy the ‘Give a child a Rufus’ gift for a friend or loved one and help send our friendly Rufus - the bear with type 1 - to a newly diagnosed child

Being diagnosed with type 1 is a challenging time. It can leave young children feeling isolated. Rufus is a great friend to newly diagnosed children. He has special patches that help children learn where to test and inject - offering comfort and, most of all, showing them that they are not alone.

How does it work?

Select and order your gift. We will send you a ‘Give a child a Rufus’ pack containing a card with a brief description of the gift and an envelope. You can then personalise and send your gift to your friend or loved one.

Keira and Connor’s story

Connor and Rufus

Connor was recently diagnosed with type 1 and received a Rufus while in hospital. His mum, Keira, says, “Connor would like other children to be able to have their own Rufus, as he remembers how much it helped him.”

Thank you for helping to make a new diagnosis a little easier for a child. Together we make a difference.

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